GEM is a powerful tool to help you manage your business’s reputation and improve guest experiences. We built GEM to save you time and money, but most importantly, to make more money from previous and existing guests.

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Top 6 Things GEM Can Do for Your Business

  1. Save you time by managing your reputation in one location
  2. Save you money by taking only minutes to analyze thousands of guest feedback reviews. In minutes, you can identify problems and know which actions to take to improve guest experience. This is powered by GEM’s proprietary unstructured data text analysis and IBM Watson. We analyze: sentiment, emotion, taxonomy, keyword and relation of text.
  3. Grow your revenue by increasing repeat guests
  4. Grow your profit margin by increasing conversion
  5. Grow your online reputation by getting more great reviews and mitigating bad reviews
  6. Know more about your guests with our rich guest profiles. GEM discovers data about your guests that allows you to segment feedback by various demographics and psychographics.
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More Bookings

Social media directly influences more than 83% of all online bookings. In addition, 49% of guests won’t even consider booking a hotel that doesn’t have reviews.

More Reviews, Better Scores

More than 80% of all reviews are positive. For every 30 additional reviews, the overall review scores increase by 5%.

Increased Web Traffic

Sites with trusted reviews and scores integrated on their website are crawled up to 200% more frequently. This is great for SEO and your guests.

Want to know more of what GEM can do for you?

We have designed a way for you to identify and resolve key guest issues within minutes.