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What can GEM do for you?

GEM is a powerful tool to help you manage your business’s reputation and improve guest experiences. We built GEM to save you time and money, but most importantly, to make more money from previous and existing guests. We can help you grow revenue by saving you time, money and lowering your marketing costs while also increasing conversion; we back this with the best customer service. GEM was built specifically for the hospitality industry by people who work in the hospitality industry to solve a problem that so many ignore.

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What We Believe

We believe the reputation of a business is essential to its survival, and taking a tactical approach to measuring, managing and improving reputation is the key to a business’s success. Unless you measure something, you don’t know if it’s getting better or worse. You can’t make improvements if you don’t measure to find out what’s working and what isn’t.


Guests want to be listened to, they want to be heard. Responding to reviews, directly and indirectly, translates into revenue for your business. Lodging companies that respond to online guest reviews, whether positive or negative, average 6% higher review scores than those who don’t respond.

Higher-ranking lodging companies earn more visibility on review sites which lends itself to a greater appeal amongst travelers, resulting in more bookings and revenue.

TripAdvisor studies have shown that 71% of travelers think management responses are important. Hotel companies who respond to guests average 147% more reviews than those who don’t. (It’s no surprise that Starwood gets hundreds of thousands of reviews in a few months!)

We gather, from your guests and the world online, the beliefs and opinions that are generally held about your business. Then, we do a systematic computational analysis of data about your company. Your organization’s reputation can make or break your business. Profits, employee retention, client loyalty and virtually every other measure of success are all closely correlated with a company’s reputation. Every business has a reputation, and if you don’t try to shape your reputation, your competition will shape it for you.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

GEM is a system that will help you quickly identify the positive and negative experiences in your business. To make it even more powerful, we have designed a way for you to identify and resolve key guest issues within minutes.

More Bookings

Social media directly influences more than 83% of all online bookings. In addition, 49% of guests won’t even consider booking a hotel that doesn’t have reviews.

Higher Rates

Quality pays off. Guests want to know that they booked the right hotel for their trip, so they are willing to pay more for hotels with higher scores. On average, room prices go up $12 for every 1% increase in a lodging brand.

More Reviews, Better Scores

More than 80% of all reviews are positive. For every 30 additional reviews, the overall review scores increase by 5%.

Increased Web Traffic

Sites with trusted reviews and scores integrated on their website are crawled up to 200% more frequently. This is great for SEO and your guests.

More Trust

93% of all users trust reviews of their friends compared to 43% who trust advertisements. Having reviews on the company’s own site encourages customers to book/purchase there as opposed to a competing site.

We make it easy

You don’t have time to go look at nearly 14 review sites for your company. We make it easy. We proactively go find the reviews for you. Then, we text or email you so you will know you have new reviews. All you have to do is click a button and you are logged in to GEM, solving problems in minutes and keeping the reviews away from the online world. You’re making the experience better for the next guest and ensuring more repeat and word-of-mouth guests.

Quote from Warren Buffett

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently,” says Warren Buffett, the man worth an estimated $68 billion. At GEM, we believe your business can be destroyed when 1 unresponded review, or 1 problem you may be unaware of, goes viral.

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Business Challenges that GEM Solves with Ease, Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Getting guests to leave reviews

    It can be challenging to get guests to leave reviews to help you find the negatives and positives surrounding all areas of your business. We have the highest conversion in the industry when it comes to getting guests to leave reviews with our proprietary systems and process of asking guests as well as the ease in which they can leave reviews without sacrificing actionable data you can use to dominate your market.


It’s also difficult to know and understand the experience of your guests in a simple way that benefits both your business and your guests. We have built an enterprise-class text analysis to take unstructured, unbiased feedback from your valued guests. We analyze it in real time to give sentiment, emotion and true actionable things you can do to dominate your market, grow your revenue and save time while doing it.

How GEM Helps With Better Guest Experiences for More Repeat and Word-of-Mouth Business

GEM can help you:

  • Find and discover problems and take actionable steps to resolve issues within minutes - powered by GEM’s proprietary unstructured data text analysis and IBM Watson
  • Discover problem staff or housekeeping issues, so you can take actionable steps to resolve issues, within minutes
  • Uncover bad reviews across the Internet, in one location, to take control of the situation before it travels across the Internet. It helps save time, giving you a chance to respond before the bad review is seen by thousands of people.
  • Let owners know about recurring issues, directly from guests. You can see if guests are complaining about the same issues over and over again, then work to resolve those issues within your business.
  • See all of your internal and external reviews in one place. You no longer have to check dozens of sites to see who has left a review and respond to them. GEM allows you to do all of that in one place and manage follow-ups on a single site.
  • Keeps track of guests you have not followed up with and lets them know you are aware of the problem.
  • Become the first point of contact for a review. When unhappy guests leave a review, it can be found in a centralized location where you have full control over who sees it. Guests leave reviews in GEM, not on sites like Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor. This allows you to control the conversation and keep it offline. We have also seen fewer negative reviews left on sites you have no control over.
  • Save time with proprietary algorithms, allowing you to find problems in 60-80% less time, giving you the ability to take action quicker.
  • Integrate all of your reviews, from multiple sources, into your site, so guests don’t have to leave your site to find reviews. Remember that 83% of people check reviews before booking lodging.
  • Control the reviews users see. If they leave your site to look at reviews, you have lost control. If you have that one very negative review at the top of Google or TripAdvisor, you have no control to remove it. GEM offers both a simple widget builder or API to integrate reviews into your site, keeping the user on the site while maintaining control of the perception of your business.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing to get their 5 star reviews, so you can do the same and wow your guests even more.
  • Delegate and save time with multi-users. It still keeps track of who responded to reviews and what was said.
  • Discover which guests would recommend you and which guests would not and most importantly “why?”
  • Keep track of your review diversification in 2 clicks. Review diversification is very important to SEO for ranking higher on review sites.
  • Make it easy to get more reviews on critical review sites, like Google and Yelp, while keeping you in control. GEM is a proactive system that asks guests for reviews and makes it easy for them to leave reviews by answering a couple short questions. At the same time, the system is gathering more actionable feedback than other systems that ask dozens of questions. If guests leave good feedback in GEM for your business, we ask them to leave a review on their favorite review site. If they leave negative feedback in GEM, we don’t ask them to leave a review on a 3rd party site, like Google or Yelp.
  • Grow your social media fan base. We offer several tools to allow you to grow your Facebook fan base to get an even deeper connection with your guests.